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Brick Mailbox Designs |

Brick Mailbox Designs

Take a look at these brick mailbox design ideas and options that can inspire the design of a mailbox which will ultimately reflect a personal and creative style. Even the most basic brick mailbox can be a lucrative addition to any landscape or home property.

There are several other factors about quality, style, and function that will add to any landscape and home surroundings. The design you choose will allow your mailbox to be the "one that stands out" from the rest of your street.

Brick Mailbox Designs: Top

Brick Mailbox with Cap Stone

Capstone Top

You can finish off the top in an easy way by putting a capstone. There are many different types, and this will give your house its unique touch.
Brick Mailbox with Projecting Courses Top

Projecting Courses

A horizontal layer of bricks can be added by laying the brick in a flat manner and will add definition to the structure for added depth and dimension.
Standard Arch Brick Mailbox

Standard Arch

A semi-circle shape design is obtained with a saw-cut and pie-shaped brick in the radius to finish off this unique look. Precise, clean cuts will allow for more evenly spaced mortar joints giving you a great professional look.
Eyebrow Arch Brick Mailbox

Eyebrow Arch

An eyebrow arch is a semi-circle shaped way of topping your mailbox with more of an arch instead of a circle much like an eyebrow.
High Arch Brick Mailbox

Gable Top

A step high arch is easier to obtain and does not require precise fitting and cutting off the brick that most of the other designs require.
Steeple Top Brick Mailbox

Steeple top

A steeple top look is obtained in much the same manner as a gable top to finish off this brick mailbox.
Brick Mailbox with Planter Boxes

Top Step Design

The top step brick design is easy to create by laying each course inwards as you go up.
Baroque Brick Mailbox Design

Baroque Design

A sophisticated design deserving the "Baroque" adjective. A little complex to build but with beautiful results.
Double Capstone Brick Mailbox Design

Double Capstone Design

Two capstones are used in this simple, and elegant design


Brick Mailbox Designs: Base

Brick Mailbox Quoin Corners

Quoin Corners

The corner where bricks or stone units are different from the wall masonry wall in size, color, or texture. It’s an accentuation of the brick mailbox corner with short side header bricks or stone blocks and long side stretcher bricks or stone blocks.
Brick Mailbox with Planter Boxes

Planter Boxes

This design is for the plant lovers that want to add their special touch. The planters can be added on each side. The planter box section must have a concrete foundation under it as well. It is also a good idea to add a few weep holes, so the planter does not hold water.
Base Arch Design

Base Arch

This is where an arch is created at the base of the brick mailbox. This type of arch is very easy to do because there is no tricky cutting off the brick.
Middle Step Sideways Design

Middle Step Sideways Design

In this design, you start protruding the courses after the fifth or sixth laid course. A stepped design is very easy to accomplish, and it gives a distinct look to your brick mailbox.
Middle Step Outwards Design

Middle Step Outwards Design

This design is very similar to the middle step sideways design but instead of the brick protruding sideways, it protrudes outwards towards the street.
Brick Base Design

Brick Base Design

A flat layer of birks form the base for this type of design.


Brick Mailbox Designs: Newspaper Holders

Clay chimney flue liners are usually used as newspaper holders or newspaper boxes for brick mailboxes. They can be round, square or rectangular and have different diameters. The round chimney flue liners are the most popular.


Single Square Clay Newspaper Holder

Single Square Newspaper Holder

This type of holder is a square clay flue liner that provides a distinct look to the mailbox. It would match perfectly with the overall look of your house if it has many architecture square accents.
Single Clay Newspaper Holder Cylinder

Single Newspaper Holder

A single clay cylinder newspaper slot is very common. You would use a round clay flue liner as your paper box.
Dual Vertical Clay Newspaper Holder

Dual Vertical Newspaper Holder

In this case, you would use two clay flue liners positioned one on top of each other. This is a decorative option as one newspaper box is usually more than enough. 
Dual Horizontal Clay Newspaper Holder

Dual Horizontal Newspaper Holder

Two clay liners horizontally positioned. You have to make sure that your brick mailbox is wide enough to accommodate the two newspaper holders.
Triple Clay Newspaper Holder

Triple Newspaper Holder

Having three paper slots looks very impressive, and it is not too hard to do. 
Dual Plastic Newspaper Holder

Dual Plastic Newspaper Holder

You can always use a plastic cylinder for your paper slot. Sometimes you have to go this route if it matches better with your brick color.


Brick Mailbox Designs: House Numbers

There are several ways that you can mark your brick mailbox with your house numbers. They can be a pivotal element in the design of your brick mailbox, especially if you go with a charming cast stone or brass house number.


Cast Stone Number Block

Cast Stone Number Block

By far the most attractive and stylish option. At the same time the most expensive of the options. Well worth the cost since it will make your house number pop out and quite noticeable. 
Brass Numbers

Brass Numbers

Brass numbers can certainly be attractive on your brick mailbox. They are installed after the mailbox is completed. The only problem is that they will eventually tarnish, sometimes in less than a year, and will have to be replaced. Brass numbers can also stain the brick, and it can be difficult to clean.
Vinyl Numbers

Vinyl Numbers

They are economical and can look good when properly installed. Vinyl numbers will have to be replaced eventually and can only be located on the mailbox door. 

No matter which brick mailbox design features you choose, you can be assured that you will be the envy of your neighborhood with your personal, one-of-a-kind, brick mailbox. When you add a brick mailbox to your property, you not only increase the value of your home but elegance as well.

If you are constructing a new home, it is an excellent idea to have your mailbox built at the same time so that the brick will come from the same brick shipment/lot. Sometimes when you purchase the same brick at a later date, there can be a few variances in the color.

Now head to the pictures section of the site where you can see what other people have done with their brick mailboxes.


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